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Joe Walsh
Private Mortgage Broker

If you live in Ontario or another part of Canada and require private mortgage lending, or would like to know more about it, then you’ve definitely come to the right place.

Hi , my name is Joe Walsh.

I’m a Toronto mortgage broker with over 30 years experience placing private mortgages for my clients and from the referrals I receive from other mortgage brokers and agents.

Me and my team not only place private mortgages for borrowers but we also set up investors who want to place their money into private mortgages.

So essentially, we work on creating the sources of private money as well as placing it to individuals or companies with a residential, commercial, or industrial property financing requirement.

Most Private Mortgage Lending Falls Into One Or More Of The Following Categories

foreclosure mortgage financingStop Foreclosure Mortgage: There are times when a property is in the foreclosure process and can still be saved by the owners if an alternate form of financing or financing strategy can be secured in time. Not to give away too many trade secrets, but we have a number of ways of approaching this type of scenario that will stop the foreclosure from happening and allow you to retain control of the property.


Private Mortgage Bridge FinancingBridge Financing: A private mortgage almost by definition is a source of bridge financing as most interest terms are for no more than one year. When property is owned where there is significant equity in the property, a bridge loan can be secured against it for a short period of time for any number of reasons. This can be infinitely easier and faster to get in place than any type of bank or institutional lending solution.


Quick Close MortgageFast Mortgage: Many times a real estate purchase or a business or personal transaction of some sort has a time frame in which it must be completed in, and failure to provide the funds required by the deadline can terminate the deal which will likely result in lost opportunity and/or increased costs from failure to meet the deadline.

Specifically related to real estate, there are times when the bank financing process has taken too long and you’re running out of time,


You have a deal that suddenly becomes available to you but you only have a week to come up with the cash required to close.

In either case, a quick close private mortgage can save the day.

When I say quick close or fast close mortgage, I’m talking from 2 to 5 business days from the time you call me on the phone to the funding of the deal.

It doesn’t get any faster in the financing business unless you’re talking about some credit cards, unsecured personal term loans for very small amounts, or payday loans.


bad credit private mortgageBad Credit Mortgage: Again, some of these categories can have some overlap, but there are situations where the only reason private money is required is because of bad credit. This can be a mortgage refinancing of a first mortgage, a new second mortgage or a third mortgage on a property.


private construction mortgageConstruction Loan: Surprising to a lot of people is the fact that most construction financing is actually provided through private mortgage lenders. Private lenders provide some key benefits to property owners and builders that more than make up for a slightly higher cost of financing.


private commercial mortgageCommercial Mortgage: While private mortgage financing is rarely a long term financing solution, it can be a lower cost and faster process to get into a property after which the property owner can take the time necessary to plan and cash flow the process of getting a bank or institutional mortgage in place.


private industrial mortgageIndustrial Mortgage: Because of the environmental laws and the level of care all bank and institutional lenders must work towards with respect to environmental liability, there are many industrial properties out there that can only be financed in their current state by a private mortgage lender.

A Private Mortgage Requires The Right Fit Between Borrower and Lender

Placing private mortgages is both art and science.

Unlike banks and institutional mortgage lenders that are more formulaic in how they assess and approve applications for property financing, a private mortgage lender combines measurable variables like appraised market value, cash flow, and credit with their own personal opinions, biases, and preferences in making a financing decision.

In many cases, the private lender is a single individual who will make his or her own decision to lend or not, based on their own unique decision making process.

The key to getting a securing a private mortgage that fits your requirements is to be talking with the right private lending source, which can be much more difficult that what most people think.

Private Mortgage Lenders Relevant To Your Deal Are Not Always Easy To Find

There are a couple of reasons for this.

First of all, most private lenders do not have a retail presence so they are difficult to find on your own. Most private lenders tend to work through individual mortgage brokers or through the larger mortgage broker network.

Second, most mortgage brokers do not have direct access to private lenders let alone a broad range of private lenders with different lending requirements and appetites. Their access is second or third hand through brokers that do have direct access which can lead to a ton of wasted time and potentially wasted money.

There Is No Such Thing As Stupid Money

Okay, maybe there is to some extent.

But if you are looking for a private mortgage where the underlying decision places an abnormal amount of risk on the lender, then you’re going to be looking for a long time.

For instance, if you’re looking to finance 100% of the property value with private financing, I’m not going to be able to help you.

Is 100% private mortgage financing possible?

Sure, most things are possible.

Is it probable?


My role is to provide service to both the borrower and the lender. Neither the borrower or the lender should carry a disproportionate level of risk on any private mortgage loan.

Keys To Locating And Securing
Private Mortgage Financing

First, start the process as soon as possible to allow yourself time to get a good deal. The more pressed for time you are, the more likely you are to end up in a take it or leave it scenario that could be priced well above the market.

While there is a general market pricing for different types of private mortgage deals, there is also a lot of variability in the market and because the right lender can be difficult to locate in the time you have to work with, it can be easy to end up paying more than what may be available in the market at a given point in time.

Second, and in my opinion most important, work with a private mortgage broker that …

  • Has direct access to private mortgage lenders
  • Has experience placing private mortgages for the type of property you need financing for
  • Has a track record of success that can be supported through past customers.
  • Operates at a high level of integrity and professionalism
  • Can provide you with an immediate assessment of your options so he or she is not wasting your time.

If you or your client is in need of private mortgage financing or would like to know more about private mortgage lending, I suggest that you give me a call so we can go over your requirements and questions together and provide private mortgage options for your immediate consideration.

There’s no cost or obligation for my detailed assessment and expert advise.And after speaking with me, if you still choose to work with someone else, I’ll wish you all the best and extend an invitation to call me any time if you have any further questions.


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