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“We Provide Ontario Private Mortgage Investment Opportunities To Our Private Money Lenders”

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A Private mortgage investment is basically the funding of a private mortgage by a private mortgage lender.

As a mortgage broker, I provide pre qualified deals for the private lenders or investors I work with and they decided whether or not they want to fund all or part of any given deal.

When I refer to investment, we do not function like a mortgage investment corp. where individuals will provide funds into a pool and the management of the MIC selects and places mortgages based on the agreed to lending criteria of the MIC.

At the present time, I only deal with individual private lenders who individually make their own decisions with respect to investing in any mortgage financing opportunity.

That being said, the individual private lender is still an investor in private mortgages, seeking to secure a return for the money advanced and secured by a registered property mortgage. The big difference between the individual lender and a mortgage investment corporation is the regulation that must be followed by a MIC to protect the interests of their investor group.

With individual private lenders, there are no regulations or licensing requirements to become a mortgage investor. Basically, anyone can potentially provide funding for mortgage financing.

As I’ve previously mentioned, there are several benefits to private mortgage investing including have your capital backed by real estate security, having control over what deals get funded, being able to retain your own lawyer to control mortgage registration process and the funding process, and so on.

If you’re looking for private mortgage investment opportunities in Southwestern Ontario, then I would welcome the opportunity to discuss your areas of interest and lending criteria.

My goal is to clearly understand the requirements of each of my private lenders so that when I have deals to place, I only bring something to them that meets their requirements so that I’m not wasting their time.

I function as both a mortgage broker and a private investor, financing mortgages on my own or co funding deals with one or more of my private lenders.

Needless to say, protection of capital is my primary concern as I truly treat the process of placing your money as if it was my own as in some cases part of the deal may come from my own available capital.

If you’re looking for a source of mortgage investment opportunities, I suggest that you give me a call and so you can give me a good idea of what you’re looking for and I can further describe how I work with my existing group of private lenders and investors.

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