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“We Have Private Money Investment Opportunities For Backed By Residential And Commercial Property”

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Good Private money investment opportunities can be hard to come by at times, especially private money investors and lenders are not set up to source their own deals to any large extent.

The private mortgage investing opportunities will then largely fall to what the mortgage broker net work at large will provide to you at any given period of time.

But when getting your deals from the broader mortgage broker network, it can also be fair bit of work to sift through all the applications you may be provided in order to find the ones that actually fit your lending and funding criteria.

And even when you have a deal that you’d like to fund, the skill of the broker to manage the client relationship can also contribute to a private mortgage actually getting put into place and being funded.

Then there are the private mortgage administration issues that arise from time to time which may or may not be a dealt with by the broker responsible for bringing you the deal.

The answer to not only having sufficient private money investment opportunities to deal with, but also the support to handle administrative issues when they arise, is for private money investors to work with an experienced mortgage broker that knows how to properly qualify deals to the investors requirements and is committed to assisting the private mortgage investor or lender in any reasonable fashion.

This is exactly what we offer the private mortgage lenders and investors that we work with.

In fact, its not uncommon that I invest in a private deal with one of my private lenders, sharing the risk of the private mortgage in the process.

As both a private mortgage investor and mortgage broker, I have a great understanding of both sides of the equation and I treat the funds for each deal like they are my own because in some cases they are.

There are lots of private money investment opportunities out there to be sure, but it certainly can be difficult at times to find the ones you feel most confident in.

My focus as a private mortgage broker is find quality deals for my private money investors where there is good equity in the subject property and a good exit strategy or ability to repay the private mortgage when it comes due.

We are not interested in and don’t promote high risk private money investment deals, primarily because these types of deals are of limited interest to the private mortgage investors that we maintain working relationships with, and if I’m not prepared to put my own money into the deal after qualifying it, I certainly won’t be trying to push it on to any private investors I work with.

If you’re seeking private money investment opportunities and want to forge a working relationship with an experienced private mortgage broker, I suggest you give me a call so we can book a time where we can discuss how we may be able to work together for each others mutual benefit.

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