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“Here Are Some Tips To Consider When Trying To Secure A Private Mortgage”

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When looking to secure a private mortgage, there are a few things that you should be aware of before starting down the path.

First, most private lenders work through mortgage brokers, so its going to be important to be working with a mortgage broker with well developed private lending sources.

Second, make sure that you are clear on the amount of money you are looking for when you apply as it may not so easy to change it later. Unlike a bank, private mortgage lenders are mostly individuals and once they agree to a deal structure, they may not be prepared to change it, regardless of the reason why.

Third, in keeping with the last point, when you get an offer of financing or a commitment to fund from a private lender, make sure you are ready to receive it and make a decision right away. Once again, unlike a bank or institutional lender, if you sit on an offer for financing or let it expire and try to revisit it in the future, there is no guarantee that the private lender will be interested or capable of funding the deal. To the last point, private lenders are always in and out of money, depending on their mortgage portfolio. When they have money to lend, they try to get it out in the market as quickly as possible as it doesn’t make any appreciable return sitting in a bank account. So if they provide an offer of financing and you don’t take it right away, there is always the chance that they will place their available funds with someone else and not have funds available for you if you come back to them a few weeks or months down the road.

Fourth, even though there are a lot of private lenders out there, you may not be able to turn around and get a similar deal if the acceptance period on a provided offer lapses. Especially when time is of the essence, an offer in front of you, even though perhaps not ideal, may be the best offer you’re going to get in the time you have to work with.

Fifth, be careful not to shop a deal around too much. Especially if you choose to work with more than one broker, there is a risk that the same deal turns up on the same lenders desk. If that occurs, there is a chance that the private lender will immediately pass on the deal as he or she only wants to invest their time in applications that they believe are ready to move forward. If they get more than one application, the standard assumption can be that the deal is all over the market place and the likelihood of placement could potentially be quite low.

If you are looking to secure a private mortgage on a residential, commercial, or industrial property for purchase, construction, refinance, or debt consolidation, I suggest that you give me a call so that I can quickly assess your situation and provide private mortgage options that meet your requirements.

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